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Monday, June 17, 2013

so we got engaged and i was excited. and then a week later i was stressed. why? because if you look at any wedding planner, the first thing is a list. a huge list. like a list that never stops and punches you in the face. it's so rude. and so expensive. and so much work to do. and lots of organization. so stressed i was. but then i put on my big girl pants and said, "chandler, you pull yourself together". good thing to do when you're freaking out. the next thing i did looked and sounded like this, "please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeee (hugs and kisses) can we have them be our wedding planners?" and i got the yes. obviously, who could say no to my cute chipmunk post-wisdom teeth face. and today. today the stress finally was replaced with joy and excitement once again. once you receive a nice brown envelope with confetti, a hooray sign, a cute hanky, and a letter promising that everything was going to be O.K. and taken care of with the help of your new wedding planners, you decide it's okay to finally breathe again.

and max (the foster dog) was pretty excited about the confetti too....


  1. oh my! how exciting! i am always amazed by all the beautiful weddings that bash please plans - they are great!

    i never had a wedding planner. but i am a bit of a control freak and i love to go wild with planning parties. when i planned mine i went to at least 15 different thrift shops buying them out of china, trays, and linens... then i gave them away to guests when they said they liked them. it was fun.

    and yours is going to be great! you are in good hands!

  2. Oooo! I can't wait to hear the deets! That package looks super fun!

  3. So I've just had a read through your blog and hooooooray, another one to add to my favourites!! First, congrats on being engaged to your best friend - this must be so cool. The thought of wedding planning makes me want to run a mile but at the same time start writing lists like mad, so we'll see about that one when it comes to it... Second, your blog layout is ever so nice & I really wish that I had it. And third, I like the way you write - it's concise and witty! I could take a leaf or two out of your book.



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